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Brunswick Country Embraces Change


Now more than ever, in its 251-year history, Brunswick County is a destination that put itself on the map in terms of locations to settle down. With new home development continuing to grow, coupled by people drawn to the living expenses and climate, it’s not hard to see why so many are drawn to this ever-changing county.

As many natives dating back to the 1930’s consider Brunswick County “rural” in their description, they have embraced the massive growth in neighborhood development, shopping malls, and new restaurant establishments. But, one of the constant growing pains that have impacted residents on the other end of the spectrum has been the traffic situation. With ongoing construction on U.S. 74-76 expected to wrap up in late 2016, it would clear up some of the congestion, while I-140 Wilmington Bypass is on track to be completed by late 2017.

With growth can come some pain, but in hind sight, the economic growth coupled with the weather conditions far out weight anything else. For additional information about the amazing Brunswick County area, please contact me directly at (910) 367-1202.