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Brunswick and Neighboring Counties Working Together

Brunswick and Neighboring Counties Working Together

Government leaders of Brunswick, Pender, and New Hanover counties are combining efforts to ensure that more jobs continue to come to the region. Dubbed “The Wilmington Regional Marketing Initiative,” this idea was put in motion back in September of 2014.

Officials teamed up with a group called The Southeastern Partnership, which says this campaign will, “enhance the promotional work and global corporate outreach efforts of the Brunswick County Economic Development Commission and Wilmington Business Development.”

The three counties teamed together to form a “more compelling story” for marketing the area. Further, by doing this, they can cut costs on printing promotional materials, trade show participation, consultant missions, and more.

“Being seen at the global level is expensive, and it’s only the cities like Atlanta and Charlotte that can afford to market internationally on their own,” stated Scott Satterfield, CEO of Wilmington Business Development. “Regional collaboration allows us to take our marketing up a notch in a way that is both efficient and effective.”

The overall campaign is being run to attract many types of companies ranging from craft breweries and food processors to aerospace and aviation related companies. Metal fabrication, industrial biotechnology, and precision manufacturing are other types of businesses that they plan to target.

This is just another way to ensure that the local economy continues to grow and more and more great job opportunities become available as the region grows.