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Nonprofit Raises Money to Help Brunswick Grow

Nonprofit Raises Money to Help Brunswick Grow

A nonprofit made up of banks, engineers, architects, home builders, and utility companies has raised money to help Brunswick continue to grow. The 13 businesses raised a total of $210,000 that will be implemented in economic development for the next three years.

This money will go toward paying for travel to conferences and trade shows, hosting industrial prospects, promotional materials, multimedia marketing, and appointments with site consultants. Funding will also help the Brunswick County Economic Development Commission to act quickly when industrial prospects need studies on environmental issues, engineering, and more.

“Rather than having to go back to the Board of Commissioners and say we need additional money, we can usually provide that type of study” using funds raised by the foundation, said executive director of the commission Jim Bradshaw.

Currently the commission is carrying out a study to see if Vertex Rail, who plans to hire over 1,300 employees, will have enough labor available. They are looking to hire in order to build new rail cars at their Wilmington plant. Last year the foundation raised $30,000 to carry out a retail study on all of Brunswick County in order to locate a good site for a large, regional shopping center.