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Vapor Paradize Offers Smokers Better Quitting Options

Colleen Funston and Vicki Wescott the owners of Vapor Paradize in Shallotte, NC opened their business a year ago with one goal in mind – helping the county that they love get healthy.

“People are dying from smoking and, more frighteningly, they are dying from some of the things that are supposed to help them stop smoking,” said Funston.

Colleen and Vicki talked to many smokers who had tried to quit while they gathered data to create their custom approach to helping people get healthy. As a result, Vapor Paradize now manufactures its own product called VP Liquids. They currently offer 52 flavors of nicotine infused flavors to choose from that help people to stop smoking using a step down method. Their goal is to make quitting smoking easier than using other methods or quitting cold turkey.

Colleen Funston and Vicki Wescott

Colleen Funston and Vicki Wescott


“Those looking to quit will use lower and lower doses of nicotine. It might take a little longer to quit this way, but it gives them a better shot in the long term,” said Funston.

Vapor Paradize’s system uses a battery and tank that can be changed out with any of the 52 flavors that they offer – ensuring that customers will find several flavors that they will like. Moreover, they plan to add even more flavor options. Additionally, all of their flavoring ingredients are made in the United States and are FDA approved, food grade and made with Kosher flavoring.

“We focus on not smoking,” said Funston, “we don’t want to be the ‘oh so cool’ vapor shop where everyone hangs out and lounges. We want to help people quit smoking and get healthy.”

Indeed, Vapor Paradize exists to educate and assist those looking to quit smoking and Colleen and Vicki, “The Vapor Girls,” are here to help “shake the butt.”

Stop in and see Colleen and Vicki at 5298-4 Main Street, Shallotte, NC or give them a call with any questions you may have at 910.754.7848.

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For more information, call them at (910) 754-7848 or visit their website by clicking here.