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Have Fun at Jellybeans Family Skate Center

Have Fun at Jelly Beans Family Skate Center

If you are looking for something to do this weekend, then consider heading over to have fun at Jellybeans Family Skate Center. There are plenty of great events and activities to take part in here.

Under new ownership, Jellybeans will continue to have the same great aspects and more, including: birthday parties, after school programs, summer camp, inline hockey, and the Cape Fear Speed Team. There will also be added events that will be great for everyone in the family, regardless of age.

Jellybeans is also open to new ideas, so feel free to call them with new concepts or suggestions so that they can serve the public in the best way possible. One recent upgrade was a new coat of fresh roll-on being applied to the 15,000 square foot floor to improve your skating experience.

For more information about Jellybeans Family Skate Center, contact them by calling 910-791-6000, send an email to Ava@skatejellybeans.net, or click here to visit their official website. Jellybeans Family Skate Center is located at 5216 Oleander Drive in Wilmington, North Carolina.