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Fun Summer Activity Ideas for 2023

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Summer is upon us! Warm weather and more free time make summer the perfect time for the whole family to take part in fun and exciting activities. Below are seven activity ideas you might enjoy.

Have a Picnic
Instead of staying cooped up in your home, enjoy the warm summer weather by having a picnic with your loved ones. All you need is a basket or cooler, a blanket, some tableware, and your favorite foods and beverages. Pick out a shady tree in your favorite park, or even your yard, and enjoy!

Take Part in a Community Event
The summer months are packed with local activities for you to enjoy. From music festivals to food fairs to charity races, there’s something for everyone. Scan the event calendar page of your city and county websites to see what’s scheduled in the months ahead. Got a favorite park/museum/restaurant? Try following them on social media to see upcoming events in your regular scroll.

Go Camping
The arrival of the summer means that temperatures are now warm enough to go camping. Camping gives you the chance to unplug from technology, sleep under the stars, and enjoy some s’mores. While s’mores can be made at home, there’s nothing quite like roasting marshmallows over the fire while surrounded by nature.

Play Mini Golf
A simple yet fun activity that every family member can enjoy is mini golf. You don’t need to be a skilled golfer to have a great round of golf, just plan a night of putt-putt with your friends or family and watch out for that windmill.

Go Fishing
If you enjoy fishing, consider getting the whole family involved. Pick your favorite body of water and make a day of it with snacks, drinks and a fishing story or two. Be sure to get the appropriate licenses for everyone in your group. Tip: when you go in the evening, the weather will be more pleasant, and the fish should bite more often.

Make Homemade Ice Cream
Almost nothing is more satisfying than eating cold ice cream on a hot day. Instead of buying a carton at the grocery store, take some time to make your own. There are many methods you can use to make ice cream. Having an ice cream maker makes it easiest, but you can also make it using a resealable plastic bag.

Attend a Farmer’s Market
Summertime brings fresh seasonal produce, which makes it the perfect time to attend a local farmer’s market. While you’re there, look at the wide variety of local and fresh ingredients available to you. You can plan out a delicious meal that showcases your fresh ingredients, all while supporting your local growers and makers.

Summer is the perfect season for taking part in countless outdoor activities. You can also take a road trip, host a BBQ in your backyard, or attend an outdoor concert. There’s practically no limit to what you can do, so get out there and have fun!