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Marsh Adventures: Water Fun Isn’t Only at the Beach

Marsh Adventures: Water Fun Isn't Only at the Beach

Don’t forget about the other watery fun that can be had on our barrier islands. Our salt marshes, estuaries, and creeks allow for spectacular ecosystems to form and also provide more entertainment for locals and visitors alike.

Try sport fishing, dolphin and birdwatching, paddle boarding, canoeing, kayaking, and more! You can also navigate most of these waters with a johnboat or other outboard crafts. While cruising through the marshes you’ll take in stunning views – be sure to try checking these areas out during sunrise or sunset!

Whether you want to spend a half day or full day on the marshes, you can find plenty of entry points. Click here to see a full list of where you can start your marsh fun!

If you need to rent equipment for your journey, then here are some of the places where you can get what you need:

Bike, Boat, Kayak & Beach Equipment Rentals
Coastal Urge – Rentals & Tours
Endless Summer Sailing Charter
Lighthouse Watersports
Parrot Head Charters & Recreational Boating Services
Priority Sailing
Riverside Adventure Co.
Sailing Vessel Kelly Allen
Solomon T Maritime Heritage Tours
Summertide Adventure Tours
The Adventure Kayak Company, Inc.